What is hack.courses?

Hack.courses is a toolset comprised of classes and interactive challenges with the aim of teaching command line, programming and hacking in general to anyone from beginners to experienced hackers and IT professionals.

The content is written by lp1 and is part of the teaching content I develop for my company fenrir.pro.

Some of the classes and course material here is open source, some is close source and paid as writing classes is (part of) my job.

What can I learn here?

At the moment, the following free classes are available :

Some more free content is in development at the moment! You can follow fenrir.pro on LinkedIn to know whenever the material here is updated.

What about the terminal and exercices?

The terminal on hack.courses is a full-fledged GNU/Linux terminal.

It is based on xterm.js and gives access to a real Linux command line interpreter to anyone for free.

If you already know your way around a terminal can find the available free challenges in the challenges directory in the gu3st user’s home.

If you want to start learning the command line, linux, scripting or programming it is a great way to experiment and learn in real-life conditions without having to install anything on your computer.

If you’re new to this, check out the command line 101 class and learn how to use command line right away!

How to report a security issue?

Great question! Kindly email me at jeremie(a)fenrir.pro.

We do not propose bounties at the moment, but you might be part of our hall of fame.